For the past 20 years, Ze Majeed’s Centre for Islamic Studies Sdn Bhd has been publishing and continues to publish quality books on Islaam.

Our books focus on understanding the Hikmah of Allaah for Islamic Study. We ensure that the books we publish are guided by the following general principles:
    1. "The Religion is Simple and whoever makes it difficult is defeated by the Shaitaan." - Prophet Muhammad
    2. We follow the Middle Path.  It is the path mention as the 'ummatan wasatan' - a group of people whose principles and practises reject the left and right extremes. They enjoin ma’roof (good doings) and stop munkar (bad doings) even while believing in Allaah.
    3. The theology of Islam is not based on blind faith but it is a theology that makes sense to the mind and appeals to the heart.
    4. Islaam is a practical religion.  It is not an intellectual exercise, a utopia or an ideal.  It is easily applied every moment of our day and every day of our lives.  It is the best way of life.
    5. All men are equal regardless of race, language or nationality.
    6. Not to hurt anybody, Muslim or non-Muslim alike, as Rasoolullaah's ummah is all mankind, including the non-Muslims.

Books published by Ze Majeed's Centre for Islamic Studies Sdn Bhd follow the teachings of the Qur-aan and the hadeeths and the works of the scholars of the ahlis sunnah wal jamaa'ah.  Our books have received the approval of the religious authorities in Malaysia (JAKIM) and in Singapore (MUIS).

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