Islamic scholars have divided Islaamic Learning into three major subjects: At-Tawheed (Eemaan), Al-Fiqh (Islaam) and Tasawwuf (Al-Ihsan).  At-Tawheed is regarded by most scholars as the first and most important subject in Islaamic learning because it teaches about Faith.

Teach Your Child Islaam At-Tawheed
Series is a Mini-Encyclopaedia that teaches the subject such as a :
  •  At-Tawheed to children of all ages. 
  •  It consists of 25 fully illustrated books, 25 themes, 1,200 pages and 550 coloured illustrations.    

Teach Your Child Islaam At-Tawheed Series
is a structured learning programme where children will learn many concepts in Islaam including : 
  • Concept of God, Sunnatullaah (Concept of Creation), 
  • Concept of Eemaan (faith), 
  • the Six Principles of Eemaan, 
  • Sifaatullaah (Attributes of Allaah), 
  • Asmaa ul-Husnaa (Beautiful Names of Allaah), 
  • The Malaa-ikah, Kitaabullaah (Books of Allaah), 
  • Qasasul Anbiyaak  (Stories of the Prophets), 
  • The Seerah (Biography of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wassalam), 
  • Yawmul Qiyaamah (Day of Resurrection) 
  • The Qadhaak and Qadar (fate and destiny). 

A number of pre-schools, kindergartens and schools are using Teach Your Child Islaam At-Tawheed Series to teach Islaam to children to give a clear direction and it makes learning fun and easy.  Children who have read this Mini-Encyclopaedia will have a good understanding of Islaam as a religion and a way of life.  They will grow up having a firm foundation of faith, inshaa Allaah. 

Teach Your Child Islaam At-Tawheed Series has been approved by the Islamic Religious Authority in Singapore (MUIS) and in Malaysia (JAKIM).

Teach Your Child Islaam At-Tawheed Series consists of 25 fully coloured books and is priced at USD186.00 (SGD250.00/RM625.00) only.

"I am confident that this series will receive the support of the scholars and the Muslim community because it will assist the teachers and parents to instill faith in our children, inshaa-Allah"

                     - Haji Abu Bakar bin Hashim, former President of the Shariah Court, Singapore



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