The Religion is Simple (5th Edition)
First published in 1989, The Religion is Simple (the latest copy being the 5th Edition) is being used by many institutions throughout the world as a book of reference for introducing students to Islamic Theology.  It teaches the Six Principles of Faith: Belief in God, His angels, His Books, His Prophets, life after death, and fate and judgement passed.

God and Man: Questions and Answers
All the important questions a person might asks about God are answered in this book including: the concept of God, the proof of His Existence, and belief in the Hereafter. All answers are supported by verses from the Qur-aan.

The Islaamic ‘Ibaadah Laws Series
The Islaamic Law (Al-Fiqh) teaches the Commands and Prohibitions of Allaah’s Laws as contained in the Qur-aan and the hadeeths.  Book One: The Shahaadah & the Fardhu ‘Ain Salaahs describes in detail the laws (hukm), principles (rukns), recommended (sunnah) and prohibited (batal) acts of the Obligatory (fardhu) salaahs.  Book Two: The Jum’ah Salaah and the Sunnah Salaahs describe in detail the recommended (sunnah) salaahs and salaahs done in congregation (jum’ah).

The Religion is Simple RM75.00
The Shahaadah & Fardhu 'Ain RM75.00
The Jum'ah Salaah & the Sunnah Salaahs RM75.00
The Journey & Ascent of the Prophet RM28.00
Islaamic Law Series: Zakaat RM28.00
The Hajj: The Law and Rationale RM28.00
Jesus the Messiah RM28.00
Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls RM18.00
God and Man: Questions & Answers RM28.00